A Survival Guide in the Era of Trump

Amy Siskind
2 min readJan 7, 2020


2020 is the bottom line folks!

A young woman messaged to ask in tracking Trump every single day, how do I keep from becoming despondent? From not falling into despair? With her okay, I thought I would respond to all by posting publicly.

Rather than be prescriptive of how to carry this on in your daily lives as our schedules and conditions are all different, I thought I’d share a guiding principal.

* Activism is healthier than avoidance.
I know a lot of us are being told to tune off and turn away: that is disempowering, not healthy or empowering

Trump is not politics as usual, he is a shift from democracy to the chaos of authoritarianism, and from that, there is no hiding. Marginalized communities are the most impacted of course, but no one can escape what is omnipresent now. If you do nothing, you will feel powerless helpless. If you get active, you will feel energized and empowered.

*So how do I get involved?
There are an abundant number of ways. In 2020, there will a presidential election, 35 senate seats and every member of the House up for re-election in November. Volunteer, ring doorbells, call, email, text (also a great way to get out socially and meet people).

There are a plethora of organizations that need time and money — be it for the environment, choice, immigration, civil rights or a whole host of other causes.
There are people and communities under assault by the Trump regime who need your time and money — at the local level too — people with disabilities, people at risk of being deported, etc.

In long short, there is more than enough. Stop making excuses and just show up!

* Why now?
2020 is the bottom line folks! We make changes now, or our democracy as we know it is over. It is truly that dire. This year we need to all be engaged — there are no excuses. Find something to do daily or weekly as your job/life allows, but act and get involved.

Remember sitting in high school history class and asking yourself what you would have done during a time of historical crisis? — you’re doing it now. Act the way you want your legacy to be written and remembered.



Amy Siskind

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