On this Night Before the Darkness

On this night before the darkness, I’m trying to make sense of it all. Since Election Day, we’ve basically watched as our worst fears, and what we thought were conspiracy theories, became our reality in a never-ending series of breaking news. How can it be that Donald Trump will be sworn in tomorrow, when we already know, in the public domain and from our Intelligence agencies, that Russia interfered to hurt Hillary and install Trump, and that Comey and his FBI are under investigation for their part? How can this be?

Here is what I think is happening.
As a country, it is necessary that we have a smooth transition of power. What other path could we take that would not harm our democratic process for future elections? I can’t come up with a single viable alternative.

So I think our Senators and House members know a lot more than we do, and the classified information, as Rep Cummings put it, is pretty fucking bad. They may know with certainty that Trump in working closely with Putin, and/or that Trump can be blackmailed. They may know much more about Comey’s behavior and possible cells in the FBI that are compromised. We can only imagine.

After the last two months, I will never say never, again. At times, I refer back to the stuff that I have read, and recorded in my Weekly Authoritarianism List. Any one of these items would be the shock. The collection of them, and lack of consequences has changed me — and I suspect us all — and that is why I am doing the list: so we can trace our way back to normal when this nightmare is over.

The turning point will be when the GOP finally puts country ahead of party. Who knows what will precipitate such a thing. Undoubtedly Trump will be tested in the first 100 days by other countries — starting with China — maybe his failure will be the linchpin. Or things coming out in hearings that we can’t even, and don’t want to, imagine could happen in the United States of America! Something will be a trigger, and then things will proceed on a course to Trump impeachment, and sending plenty of his regime to prison.

In the mean time, we must fight EVERY SINGLE DAY. We can’t trust our elected officials to act, or our media to dig, so it’s on us to march, call, email, post, rally, show up and act. We can take nothing sitting down. We must protect our fellow citizens and never turn a blind eye to hate or discrimination of any single kind! Silence is complicity!

I close on a note of encouragement: after the election, I was concerned that, with time, people would want to move on with their lives and forget, and hence the resistance would diminish and fade. The exact opposite has happened. Friends I have never seen active in anything political are marching and calling and writing. Trump’s brand of hate and bigotry has plunged him in the polls. Most of the early day yahoos running around being racist, sexist, xenophobic bigots, have largely been silenced by the disdain of their decent fellow citizens. I didn’t say all, but most got the message that this shit is NOT happening in our country, and is not acceptable. That is hope.

And so now we begin the impeachment clock, starting tomorrow. When he is out, we will hold a big, wonderful, phenomenal, best ever, party in our country with champagne and laughter and dancing and hugging and joy.
Until then….
#StrongerTogether #VivelaResistance

Copyright Amy Siskind, 2017

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