Some perspective (after 26 weeks-1/2 year)

When I started the Weekly Authoritarianism List in November, early weeks had 10–20 items: things that were not normal — subtle changes to our democracy and fabric of our country.

The week of the Women’s March, as Trump took office, the list grew to 30 something items, and from there in his first 100 days in office, steadily grew and found a new resting point of 60 to 70 something items per week.

Last week the list had 93 items. This week we likely will top that.

I point this out to acknowledge what we are all feeling — as if living in chaos. We are. But also to warn you of what we are normalizing and accepting each week amidst the chaos. The items you didn’t even notice in the news because the lists are so long. The items from the early weeks that we have accepted despite the fact we were shocked back then.

This man is not going to give up power without a fight. His compass and mental health lead him to believe he is in the right, always, and those who fight to take back our democracy are the Deep State or out to get him. We must stay woke and resist each and every day, because truly, our democracy and way of life are at risk.
#StandTogether #resist

Activist, author. The Weekly List website, podcast & book THE LIST. POLITICO 50. President @TheNewAgenda. More info

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