The Weekly Authoritarianism List finds a new home at the Library of Congress (UPDATED)

Amy Siskind
2 min readJul 10, 2017

UPDATE — July 1, 2018

I am thrilled to announce The Weekly List podcasts will also be archived at the Library of Congress! The podcasts drop each Monday morning, in time for your commute to work, and summarize the week’s list, along with a discussion of important trends and observations. All the news you need to know!

Additionally, the Library of Congress estimates it takes just over a year until archived materials are searchable, meaning as of approximately July 12, the early entries from the original crawl of the Medium version of the lists will on their website

In November 2018, just over a year from the time we established The Weekly List website, the website version too will start to become searchable.

Thank you for being part of this grassroots effort to record history in the era of Trump!


Dear Friends,

Thank you all for being on this journey with me!

As you know, I’ve been concerned about The Weekly List being susceptible to hacking, so I was thrilled when this email showed up in The New Agenda’s general inbox this morning:


I apologize for sending an email through this form. However, I am trying to locate a contact email address for Ms. Amy Siskind. I am a collection development librarian at the Library of Congress. Part of my duties involves web archiving. Ms. Siskind’s blog on Medium (referenced in a Washington Post Article) was nominated to be part of the Library’s Public Policy Archive. The Library’s web archiving is permissions based, so I would need to send her a “form” email to alert her of the Library’s interest in archiving her blog and to give her the opportunity to ask questions and/or to stop of the harvest, if she so chose.

I want to first thank Margaret Sullivan of the Washington Post for bringing the Weekly List to light in her column (read here). As well, I want to recognize and thank the kind stranger who nominated the list for the Library of Congress. I am so glad it now has a safe home for future generations to understand and appreciate the slow slide to authoritarianism under Trump.

You can find the lists with links to sources on my Medium page. You can also read it on my Facebook and Twitter page each Saturday.

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