Trump’s Victory Tour rallies are an apt metaphor for his support: evaporating!

Because Donald Trump does whatever he g-d*mn pleases, he decided to ‘reward’ the states that went his way on Election Night with a little visit. Not that the people there deserved anything from him per se, but more so because the thought of actually doing the job of president seemed, well, kinda mundane. Trump decided continuing his campaign to those adoring crowds was much more his style (fun, and no daily briefings).

The original concept was a “Victory Tour” — an easy branding mistake when you’re just being your authentic self. But — sigh- then everyone else noticed the comparisons too, and so quickly the rallies became rebranded as a “Thank You Tour” (who was being thanked is an entirely other question).

Trump’s Thank You Tour rally — Cincinnati

Admittedly, things got off to a tough start in Cincinnati. Trump of course booked a huge stadium (because he is Donald J. Trump), and something surprising (to him, at least) happened: like, no one showed up! After the huge media wind-up, and even though CNN, MSNBC and FOX News compliantly streamed it live, the rally barely even trended on Twitter (top 20 for about 10 seconds), before losing out to #CharlieBrownChristmas. If you’re up for more schadenfreude, you can see more photos of the embarassingly empty rally by clicking here!

At this point, “concerned” citizens such as myself, tweeted to Donald J. Trump, suggesting that he may perhaps consider a more modest venue: say like a ballroom at one of his hotels (and that way he could bill the taxpayers too — double benny).

Trump “No Thank You” Tour — Fayetteville

Sigh, but no.

The next rally came five days later to much hype by Trump and, of course, the media. But, gosh darn it, the same thing happened in Fayetteville, NC — the stadium was mostly empty. At this point, one attendee playfully re-branded the rally: the “No Thank You Tour.” There wasn’t much interest on Twitter either. Even though Donald J. didn’t need to compete with Charlie B. — he still didn’t trend at all during the rally.

After this rally, Trump stopped encouraging the “Lock Her Up” chants, so chances were, the crowds would be coming strictly to see him and what he had to say about his vision and ideas for the country. New, and less promising, territory?

Trump Thank You Tour — West Allis (this guy looks excited!)

Well, finally tonight in West Allis, IA, it seems our President Elect took our advice, and managed down the room size to meet the demand. Tonight, Donald J. plays to a much “cozy” environment — in what looks like maybe high school gym-ish sized? This porridge was just right! The room was PACKED with — well, maybe a couple of hundred, tops — adorning white men (oops people). And no mentions basically on Twitter.

If you were wondering about the validity of the Pew Research’s low approval data, look no further than the Thank You Tours. Any suggestions for next week’s venue?

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